Quality Assurance

Quality is being our reason behind such respectful position in the market. We strive to maintain as well as raise the standard of our products such as Biaxial Machine, Biaxial Rotomoulding Machine, Plastic Products Moulds, Plastic Dustbin Mould, Plastic Box Mold, Plastic Pallet Mould, Plastic Chair Die, Pulverizer, Roto Moulding Plants, Car Tank Dies, Plastic Ice Box Moulds, Plastic Traffic Barrier Mold, etc., as to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the customers. By developing the products as per the expectations of the patrons, we have become the prominent choice of many industries all across the country.

Our finished products are well tested and analyzed for ultimate performance and quality. The following tests are conducted on the array:
  • Tensile
  • Elongation test
  • Hardness tester, etc.
Our Products

We are manufacturing and supplying the following products:
  • Biaxial Machine
  • Biaxial Rotomoulding Machine
  • Plastic Products Moulds
  • Plastic Dustbin Mould
  • Plastic Box Mold
  • Plastic Pallet Mould
  • Plastic Chair Die
  • Pulverizer
  • Roto Moulding Plants
  • Car Tank Dies
  • Plastic Ice Box Moulds
  • Plastic Traffic Barrier Mold
Area of Application

Our products are used for making the following items:

Activity Toys

Compost Bins

Ammunition Cases


Boating Fittings



Food Trays


Fuel Tanks


Grain Storage

Buoyancy Units

Gun Cases

Cattle Feeders

Nesting Drums

Chemical Tanks

Pallet Bins

Circular Tanks

Plant Pots

Swimming Pool

Plastic Pallets


Road Markers

Water Tanks

Septic Tanks

Water Troughs

Spray Tanks

Street Wear

Our Roto Moulding Process

In plastic industries, the three main processes of moulding are followed such as extrusion, blow moulding and injection moulding. But, these processes have some drawbacks. So, in case of large hollow component the Rotational Moulding becomes the appropriate or the best choice.

In Rotational Moulding Process, the heating and cooling of the process takes place inside a mould, without any pressure. This unique process is carried out at the ambient pressure, which help the product to withstand the environmental stress and cracks. The following steps are followed in the process:
  1. A required quantity of blended Polyethylene Resin Powder is placed inside a cold mould
  2. Then, the mould is rotated and heated inside the oven. As the mould gets heated, the resin powder starts melting and the molten risen get well coated along the inner surface of the mould. After this process, the mould is transferred to the cooling chamber by keep rotating the moulds.
  3. This bi-axial rotation continues till the time of cooling process and until the polyethylene has solidified.
Advantages of the process:
  • Can produce multi-wall Mouldings
  • Economic tooling costs
  • Metal inserts as integral parts
  • Minor undercuts
  • One-piece construction
  • Products offer excellent load-bearing properties and resistance to corrosion and cracking
  • Short lead-time
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Variety of finishes and colors

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